Reviews and Media for Drift and Hum

“This one has it all. A real page turner. Martichenko has written a novel that should not be missed. This book is very well researched for those who enjoy learning as they read. The characters are colorful and well developed. It was a blast getting to know them. Martichenko is a first rate story teller but the book possesses a lot more…drama, humor, sadness, poetry and most of all, wisdom to live by, as told by the elders and interpreted by young men in search of their identity. What a great debut for Martichenko. If you like Bryson, you will love this one.”


 Bill Gates, Amazon Reviewer
“Whether it’s the career and life choices of what makes a “prospector” or the spiritual inquisitiveness of a young man who simply believes in the sun, by the end of the narrative we know things because we felt them, deeply, on every single page. In a world where distractions are everywhere and efficiency is the most prized commodity, Martichenko reminds us to take it easy, to take the time to drift and hum, and to remember that all of this really does mean something.”
 BJ Ruddy, Amazon Reviewer
“DRIFT AND HUM is as satisfyingly crisp as a Canadian Maple leaf in the fall, a delightful exploration of the bonds of friendship and love, and an unforgettable epic depiction of youth’s passage into adulthood.”
“A poignant story of remarkable characters you will come to love as you share their life’s journey – full of hilarious antics, amazing friendships, heartbreaking tragedy, and incredible life lessons. An unforgettable book.”
— Linda Angove, Strategic Planning and Public Policy Professional
“Part present, part past, part music, part poetry, part Canada, part USA, part home, part road trip, part pain, part happiness…but ALL story. This is, hands down, the best book I have ever read.”
— Jane Young, Retired Educator
“An inspirational story of freedom, joy, sadness, perseverance, and hope.  This epic novel will fill you with every emotion from laughing out loud to crying to pumping your fists in the air with excitement!  Eat tree, beaver!”
— Matt Melrose, Vice President, LeanCor Supply Chain Group
“The adventures of the irrepressible ‘Beaver Brothers’ will capture your heart as they navigate the journey into adulthood in the far north.”
— Carole Boyd, Professional Copy Editor and NPR Contributor
“A compelling Canadiana /Americana history of friendships and family dynamics spanning fifty years. Storytelling by one of the most entertaining writers of our time.”
— Ronald V. Kulker, Chairman and CEO, Danforth Farms
Drift and Hum is one of those books that grabbed and held my attention to the end.  I could not put it down.  This book has everything: friendship, love, poetry, music, mystery, and humor.”
Mike Stoecklein, Partner, Institute for Enterprise Excellence

ISBN: 978-0-9970308-0-8
510 Pages
Available in Paperback & Ebook

Published by Karmack Publications LLC