Morning Thoughts – by Robert O. Martichenko

Today I wake up with unlimited possibilities
Today I continue down my path
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow will never come
Only today exists for me to seize and marvel at the wonders of the world
Today is a gift from God, from the Universe, from the Great Spirit, which is more powerful than any person
Today I will treasure this gift
Today I will live my life with simplicity, cognizant that my life has no guarantees

I am body, I am mind, and I am soul
I will respect and nourish these three temples
I will be acutely aware of my thoughts, knowing that my thoughts turn into words and my words turn into actions
I will embrace the diversity of people and range of cultures as the amazing great mysteries of our world
And I want all of my actions to be kind, to be positive, to be helpful to others in admiration of these mysteries
Knowing that if I am caring and generous, these actions will be reciprocated

I will seek out quiet today to pause, contemplate, and practice my art
And even though the hours will move fast and in many directions
I will remember that I am only walking on a single path
And I will find peace in silence while walking
Because I am aware that it is impossible to learn within a tunnel of noise

Today I will benefit from mistakes and lessons already learned along my path

I know that not all people see the world as I do
I know that another person’s gain is not my loss
I know that I am not superior to any other person
I know that I am only in control of my own reaction to external events
I know that I have everything I need to be happy beyond any definition of happiness
I know that I am loved by many and that I in turn love many
I know that today I should be humble as I have so much to be thankful for
I know that my whole life has been lived to produce today
I know that today can be the best day of my life

I will remember that money and material items do not define success or significance
I will resist being anchored in my views and will be open to new ideas
I will look for and embrace new facts to help me change my mind where I am stuck
I will speak up for right and wrong when hate, anger, and bigotry are evident
I will be optimistic and curious while grounded in my known realities
I will challenge myself to improve while being content with what I have accomplished
I will recognize that the future is not dictated by the past and that all dreams can come true through hard work, enthusiasm, and the good luck that will result
I will seek out nature as the world’s greatest healer and take time to drift and hum
I will love my friends and family, and I will allow them to love me
And in doing so, when today fades and transforms into memories and lessons
I will rest well, knowing that I made today the best day of my life